2005_12_funeralenchautegui.jpgOnly eight days after a funeral for police officer Dillon Stewart who was killed during a traffic stop, the NYPD, elected officials, and New Yorkers attended another funeral, one for police officer Daniel Enchautegui who was killed while trying to stop a burglary. About 20,000 people attended the Bronx funeral, and like Stewart, Enchautegui was posthumously promoted to first-grade detective. The Bronx DA's office said the two suspects in Enchautegui's death who have been recovering in a hospital from the shots the officer managed to get off before dying would be arraigned in their recovery rooms this morning. And the Post reported that Governor Pataki was negotiating tougher gun trafficking laws, in light of an increase in shootings.

And Stewart's suspected killer, Allan Cameron, pleaded not gulity to murder.