There are too many amazing quotes in the Post's piece on how the new sin taxes are affecting fit, attractive 19-year-olds. "How can they tax me for trying to be pretty?" asks FIT student Jenna Goldschmidt, who must now pay $30 more a month for cigarettes and $40 more a month for tanning sessions. "Everyone likes to look pretty—and when I get stressed I need smoke. I need both." But isn't she worried about the health risks? "I am one of those girls who is invincible," she says. Ahh, youth.

Average New Yorkers are suffering just as much from the cigarette tax, which has boosted the price of American Spirits to $15 a pack in some places (sorry, hipsters). And despite the aforementioned bitching and moaning, many are finding ways to keep themselves golden brown and nicotined up at a budget. Tina Najda of Greenpoint said, "I might cut back on money I spend on my hair and nails to make up for it...I tan two or three times a week. With cigarettes and tanning that's a lot of money." Has nobody told her that she can go outside and tan for free?

Najda also said she wasn't giving up the fight, saying, "I won't cut down until they are $20 a pack. If they were $50 a pack people would still pay." Hear that, Albany? At least the city's Jersey Shore-wannabes can say they're getting political. John McCain recently tweeted to a pissed-off Snooki, "I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spend policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!" That pun calls for a sad trombone.