Mayor Bloomberg during the Blackout; Photo - AP

The Emergency Response Task Force has released its report on how the city's various agencies did during the blackout, and not surprisingly, there were serious flaws: WNBC reports, "police and fire stations lacked sufficient backup power, telephone systems failed and the public address system in a key city building didn't work." The Times calls it an "unusual" politcal move for Mayor Bloomberg to have commissioned a study for a crisis many think he handled well, but as Bloomberg says, "You've got to be careful not to be unwilling to show people exactly what happened. And hopefully they won't criticize, but they'll take it in the manner that the study was done: We did a great job, can we do better?" One area that may be affected is how 911 calls are managed and dispatched (currently police dispatchers handle all calls, redirecting calls to fire or emergency dispatchers for those situations; a change may be to have operators who dispatch across police, fire, and emergency).

Read the Emergency Response Task Force's report (PDF)