Soccer fans are already gearing up for this afternoon's World Cup map between the USA and Ghana, but the biggest winners in the World Cup may be the places pouring pints for fans. Bars around the city have been cashing in on the quad-annual soccer madness, inspiring even quiet lounges to redesign themselves around the games. Jack Keane of Nevada Smiths told the Post, "If there was no World Cup right now, we would have no business. Literally, there'd be nobody here."

Instead, they've had to hire six bouncers and open five hours earlier than usual to meet demand. Prof. Thom’s in the East Village has had to double their weekly order of beer, and had to order extra cases of Bud Light tall-boys and Jaegermeister. They might need even more, as today's match is supposed to have double the turnout as any so far. Joseph Jacobino of Tonic Sports Bar said, "People will be coming in draped in American flags, the red, white and blue makeup, red, white and blue eye-liner and the Uncle Sam hats."

Alternately, Ghana fans will be decked out in flags or more hardcore Batakari warrior robes. One fan said, "When Ghana score, the beat accelerates. It's like wind from the ocean coming to the shore like a hurricane." Does anything that cool happen when USA scores?