Rikers Island—a place currently at the center of controversy thanks to repeated allegations of inmate abuse—is about to get an influx of cash. The city plans to spend $700K to test what bodily fluids prisoners are throwing at guards, reportedly so they can punish offenders more harshly.

It's not unheard of for inmates to "splash" guards with urine, blood, feces and other fun things that come out of their bodies, and correction officers are obviously sick of it. It's also a felony, and testing the fluids will make it easier for the offending inmates to be properly sanctioned.

“If we can test whatever’s on the shirt or the uniform, it makes it a felony, a chargeable crime rather than if it was water,” Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte told the NY Observer. “So it increases the penalty to the inmate.”

The Correction Department has now budgeted $733,248 for a forensic testing program. It is unclear whether any money has been set aside to test whether or not Rikers guards are fit to oversee inmates without beating and sodomizing them.