2007_08_worstperson.JPGWhen the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting announced in June that they were proposing new rules for videographers, filmmakers and photographers - everyone who's ever seen an image of New York responded.

The new rules that were met with opposition are summed up at the MOFTB website, which will also direct you to the 11 pages of single-spaced rules. Those 11 pages are now going to have to be rethought, as the MOFTB announced that rules will in fact be redrafted, taking into account the feedback they've received over the past two months. Once the redrafted rules are ready, public comment will be open again for 30 more days.

MOFTB Commissioner Katherine Oliver said in her statement, “Our office remains committed to providing our customers with expedited coordination of their film location work in the safest manner possible, so that the city’s film and television industry can continue to flourish, free speech is protected and all parties can continue to film, photograph and enjoy the greatest city in the world.”

On Countdown with Keith Olbermann he announced his winner for "worst person in the world" to be Julianne Cho, Associate Commissioner of the MOFTB, (and the MOFTB itself), stating:

She's written an email indicating the city's pushing for new rules that would require any group of two or more people who want to film, videotape or take still pictures in a public place in New York for 30 minutes or more have to get a city permit and have to get a million dollars in liability insurance. If it is a group of 5 people and a tripod, the time frame drops to ten minutes.

And even though the new regulations don't mention any exemptions, the city claims this would not affect amateurs or tourists. Of course it won't. There's still a Constitution of the United States, Miss Cho, and these rules are so obviously in violation of so much of it, Alberto Gonzales wouldn't try to sneak them past anybody. (Watch the video here.)

Even though it doesn't look like the 11 pages will be tossed out altogether, hopefully the voices of all those who rallied, rapped and petitioned will really be heard for the redraft.