The New York City Council will vote next month to name two Brooklyn streets after the two NYPD officers who were fatally shot in Bed-Stuy two weeks ago. According to a release from the Mayor's Office, Ridgewood Avenue between Shepherd Avenue and Highland Place in Brooklyn will be co-named “Detective Rafael Ramos Way,” while West 6th Street between Avenue S and Avenue T will be co-named “Detective Wenjian Liu Way.”

Both streets are located on the blocks of their respective homes, and were chosen in consultation with their families. The bill is being co-sponsored by councilmembers Mark Treyger and Rafael Espinal, who represented the detectives' districts, and councilmember Mark Levine, chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee.

This is an expression of our pride in each of these men, and our sadness at their loss,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

“Detective Rafael Ramos was a friend, a neighbor, and a role model to the residents of the Cypress Hills Community. I am proud to introduce a bill on behalf of his family and the Cypress Hills community that will co-name a street in his honor," councilmember Espinal added.

Detectives Liu and Ramos, who were promoted to their rank posthumously, join Detective Russel Timoshenko and Detective Omar J. Edwards in having streets named in their honor.

Timoshenko was killed in 2007 after he pulled over a stolen car and was fatally shot by its occupants.; Durant Avenue in Staten Island bears his name.

Edwards was killed by another police officer in 2009, as he was pursuing a suspect in plainclothes with his gun drawn; in 2011 East 123rd Street in Harlem was given his name.