Like the voices of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, Manhattan's old coin-operated parking meters have been discarded for flashier, more efficient and soulless Multispace Muni-Meters. But what will the city do with the 51,000 meters they removed last month? Sell them! Expect to see plenty of old school NYC parking meters on a TV screen near you.

DNAinfo reports that the city is looking for a "an appropriately qualified vendor in the memorabilia, surplus, auction, and scrap field" to manage the sale of the meters. If you can sell 51,000 parking meters, the application can be found here. (Also: if you can sell 51,000 parking meters your talents are probably needed elsewhere.) Those who prefer their vintage parking meters "fresh" can attempt to rip them out of the pavement in the outer boroughs, where 43,000 of them remain.