2006_08_liqcab.JPG"Cool" parents, watch out! The City Council is considering bring a "Social Host" law to NYC. The law makes parents responsible for any underage drinking in their homes, and, in fact, many other cities and states have social host laws as well. Parents can serve alcohol to their children (within reason, we'd imagine), while it would be illegal to serve alcohol to minors who are not their children. According to 1010WINS, there would be a $350 fine and anywhere from 15 days to 1 year in jail (!). There are also teen party ordinances, where the presence of alcohol amongst the underaged is illegal, but they haven't brought that to the city - yet.

The law was appoved by Long Beach in Nassau County recently, which has been trying to crack down on teen drinking. And the Boston Globe noted that it's hard for DA's to prosecute under the social host law.

The City Council also passed "Imette's Law," which would require bars to hire only licensed bouncers. Many of the City Council's proposed bar and nightlife measures are controversial, such as surveillance cameras recording who goes to clubs, and may be difficult for bars and clubs to comply with, like a rule to have one bouncer per every 75-100 people in the establishment.