City Council Speaker Christine Quinn may propose "hefty fines and possible jail time" for those who use fake IDS, according to the NY Post. The City Council has made nightlife safety an issue after many nightlife incidents, most notably the case of 18 year old NJ resident Jennifer Moore being kidnapped, raped and murdered after a night of drinking in West Chelsea.

Currently, there is no mandatory license suspension or fine for using a fake ID in New York, though a judge can choose to suspend the user's driver's license.

A source told The Post that while imposition of a mandatory suspension is not cited in her report, Quinn favors such a measure and may bring the proposal before the full council. The council would then make a formal request to state lawmakers in Albany that they approve beefing up the law.

Quinn's report also says that people who make and sell fake IDs, which can be easily purchased over the Internet, should be targeted as well.

What about those enterprising students at colleges who make them? And nightclub owners support a move to stricter measures, since they have the problem of trying to determine whether an ID is real or fake. What hasn't been mentioned: What happens to people who lend their IDs to relatives or underage friends.

Speaker Quinn's report on nightlife reforms will also include a recommendation that the city create it own liquor authority.

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