The Javits Center isn't the only NYC convention center getting ready for a growth spurt. Though the Javits expansion has been hitting yet more snags of late (like, uh, who is going to pay for it?) the Times today reports on the Bloomberg administrations newest pet convention project, the smaller convention area currently on Pier 94.

Because the city has been busy building other places for boats to dock it says it should be able to soon enough close Pier 92 to boats. When that happens the city wants to permanently convert the pier to a convention space connected to the already running space on Pier 94. The combined piers, going from 52nd Street to 54th Street, would provide a mid-size (about 400,000 square feet) convention space for large gatherings which don't need or can't afford the size of the Javitz Center. The city's convention and visitors bureau, NYC & Company, says that the addition of such a mid-sized space could provide the city with upwards of $200 million in tourist dollars a year.

This new plan is still a bit of time off, the City has only just begun seeking proposals from private developers for the piers and ocean liners are still berthing on Pier 92. And this isn't the first time the city has tried to put the two piers together - remember when Giuliani wanted to put a TV studio there? - but this plan looks to us like it might have some legs. We like the idea of building a more approachable convention center. We just want to insist that the city make sure that the waterfront itself remains open to the pubic via things like viewing areas on the piers perimeter. Keep that in mind Bloomie and you'll have our support...

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