Oh, boo hoo. The Bloomberg administration is asking the courts to let the administration be in charge of marketing deals, instead of putting any possible sponsorships through the Franchise and Concession Review Committee. City Comptroller William Thomspon had been critical of the city's deal with Snapple and a later court ruling said that any sponsorships would need to be reviewed, though the Snapple deal could stand. Newsday reports that a lawyer for the Bloomberg administration says that "subjecting the city to such 'cumbersome administrative proceedings' as review by the franchise committee could possibly lessen the economic benefits of such deals in the future." That's hilarious, because cumbersome administrative proceedings is what this country was built on! City Comptroller Thompson is still arguing that these kinds of deals need public process. Translation: Bloomberg, don't think all your friends can get sweetheart deals.

Gothamist on Snapple's relationship with the city, both in terms of marketing and melting a huge popsicle in Union Square.