Former NBA star Jayson Williams is already serving some of a five year prison sentence for killing his limo driver with a shotgun, but he's due back in court today to face charges from his January DWI bust. You'll recall that Williams, who pleaded not guilty and claims that there was someone else driving, crashed his Mercedes-Benz SUV into a tree at the FDR exit at East 20th Street around 3 a.m. (Photos later surfaced showing him partying with college kids at the Upper East Side bar Aces & 8s.)

Prosecutors want Williams to serve an additional year in prison for the drunk driving, and the city would also like to be compensated for the 40-foot honey locust tree he destroyed. The Daily News reports that bill for that comes to a whopping $16,000, so we're going to be extra-careful around the city's locust trees from now on.