2007_06_birdy.jpgSee this bird? His name is Birdy and he's part of the city's multimedia campaign, GreeNYC, to educate New Yorkers about making environmentally sustainable decisions.

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled GreeNYC and shared how he didn't realize chargers plugged into outlets draw electricity even when they're not in use. "I always assumed that chargers for my BlackBerry, which I had plugged in at one end and there's no BlackBerry [attached], wasn't using any electricity. I was wrong." Okay, we give him points for honesty but we're taking them away because it's not a big secret.

In addition to ads and banners around the town, the city has a list of ten things New Yorkers can do to help create a greener city:

1. Switch to ENERGY STAR® qualified Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).
2. Buy ENERGY STAR® appliances.
3. Don’t air condition an empty room
4. Unplug chargers and appliances when not in use.
5. Switch to a green energy provider.
6. Walk or take public transportation.
7. Recycle your glass, metal, paper and plastic.
8. Bring your own cloth bag to the grocery store.
9. Use green cleaning products.
10. Switch to paperless bank statements and online bill paying.

Con Ed will be giving $1 off coupons for GE Energy Smart CFLs in August. Aw, Con Ed and GE, how generous. And here's a video of Birdy:

A pressing question: Does Birdy the GreeNYC bird look like a bird from The Partridge Family? And we were calling this animated feathered friend "Birdy" because that's what the city website referred to him as, but apparently he is actually nameless, so we will just call him GreeNYC Bird. Or you can suggest a clever name for him!

Photograph of the GreeNYC bird from the Daily Politics