In June 2010, a tree branch fell and killed Michael Ricciutti & Karla del Gallo's 6-month-old daughter in the Central Park Zoo as they were having their picture taken. The couple sued the city, the Central Park Conservancy, the zoo's management company, and the tree experts who were supposed to perform tree work in the park. But the legal case has been dragged out for the last three years because the city is apparently trying to dig up every bit of information about the couple they possible can—and we mean everything.

According to the Post, the defendants in the $50 million have been trying to get "everything from driving and medical records to credit-card information, eight years worth of e-mails, and full access to 'all' of the couple’s social-media accounts, including LinkedIn and even the brain-game site Luminosity." Thankfully, a judge rejected many of the requests in a June decision, slamming the demand for access to "all social-media sites" used by del Gallo as "an improper fishing expedition" and noting that the city "offers nothing to support its entitlement to access what is essentially an online brain-game site."

Del Gallo was also crushed when the 18-inch-thick tree branch fell on June 26th, 2010. She suffered "extensive and severe injuries," including skull and facial fractures, traumatic brain injury, optic-nerve damage, fractured teeth and memory loss. When she awoke, Del Gallo "had no idea she was hurt at all, or that [Gianna] had died," and since has had "far too many surgeries and injuries to list."

Ricciutti and Del Gallo, who previously lived in Union City, New Jersey, have since moved to Maryland.