This is a good warning for not just city workers but also anyone who has jury duty or is visiting a city building: A city court clerk was injured while sitting on a toilet at the Brooklyn Family Court. NY1 reports that Frank D'Alessandro is suing the city:

D’Alessandro says he was "performing a physical function" when the toilet collapsed, leaving him on the floor with his pants around his ankles.
When he went to the doctor, he was told he had four herniated discs. Now he's seeking $5 million from the city.
“One minute I’m going to the bathroom - something that someone does almost every day, if not every day – in a place where you feel safe and don’t have to question if you’re safe, and then the next minute I’m waking up in pain every morning,” said D’Alessandro.

D'Alessandro's lawyer adds, "A person who goes into a city bathroom owned and operated and controlled by the city should have a safe and free environment wherein he can sit down on a toilet bowl without having to inspect it, without having to check everything out, and expect to urinate or defecate in peace without having it collapse into little itty bitty pieces which could have cut him up." Gothamist whole-heartedly agrees: Toilets should not be dangerous, unless you're a little kid, at Welcome to the Johnsons, a Metro-North rider, or a woman. [Via Mase - we love you]