Fallout from Wednesday's revelations about just how bad the city's CityTime situation was—the $60 million project to streamline employee time keeping ballooned into a $722 million project, at least $80 million of which appears to have gone to crooked quality assurance contractors—has begun. Trying to make the most of a messy situation the city yesterday not only suspended an employee who should have stopped the debacle but also announced it had seized a big bag of cash from the crooks.

Like all scandals, and this is an ugly one, somebody is going to have to take the blame. So on top of the six people already charged, the city suspended without pay Office of Payroll Administration Executive Director Joel Bondy, under whose watch this happened and who just happened to work for Spherion, the quality assurance company in question at the center of the mess, before his no-longer-current gig (he got a waiver for that conflict of interest from Bloomberg in 2004).

The Department of Investigation also did its part to mitigate the mess, boasting yesterday that they had seized $850,000 in cash from one of the defendants as he went to retrieve the money from a Long Island safe deposit box. You won't be surprised to learn that that all of the defendants have had their bank accounts frozen.

Oh! And in case you were worried there were no warning signs (besides, y'know, the massive cost overruns) the News points out that alleged ring leader Mark Mazer actually has a criminal record. He was busted for larceny when he worked for the city a decade ago.