Now that the city mounted some wind turbines on the roof of the Perry Avenue Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is working on bringing even more within the city limits in the next three years. The plan calls for five wind turbines, each over 280 feet tall, to be put on the west side of New York Harbor, and another across the river in Bayonne, NJ. Bill Baroni of the PA told the Times, “Anybody who’s ever stood out at the dock in Weehawken waiting for a ferry just knows it’s a very windy area. Apparently, it’s a pretty good place to put windmills."

With high enough winds, the five turbines could produce up to 7.5 megawatts of power—enough to power 2,000 homes. But the PA plans to feed the energy into the power grid to offset their energy consumption elsewhere. Baroni said, "This is a commitment the Port Authority is making to reduce our carbon footprint and be better neighbors. It will allow us to both save money and also be good for the environment. Somebody’s got to go first, and it’s going to be us." Construction has already started in Bayonne.

The New York Power Authority will also apply for a 25 year lease to build a wind farm on 65,000 acres of the Atlantic floor. They hope to generate 700 megawatts of power there by 2016. However, not everyone thinks the turbines are a great idea., a website dedicated to keeping the turbines from being built in Raritan Bay, claims, "There are potentially serious health and public safety issues for people living close to industrial turbines." But nobody told Bloomberg—he previously said, "It's pretty hard to find any reason against it."