The Post reports that the city will removed 724 Snapple vending machines "from all municipal buildings." It was five years ago when the city announced its big Snapple deal, claiming it was worth $126 million but later revised that number to $33 million. The Post now says the deal had yielded "only 26 percent of anticipated sales...nearly one year before the deal ends." One city worker at the Municipal Building said, "I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen somebody at that machine in the years it's been there... Mostly because there's a kiosk downstairs that has other things besides drinks, or people go out and get their lunch and drinks outside." Still, the city's marketing arm is upbeat, at least the to Post, "The Snapple partnership was an excellent one for the city. The partnership and process were completely transparent and the vending portion was always scheduled to end in April 2009. We would absolutely do the deal again, and are very pleased with how this worked out."