2006_03_dannyglover.jpgFrom Hollywood celebrity to city agency sting to needing to settle with the sting victims - only in New York, kids, only in New York. Back in 1999, Danny Glover complained that five unoccupied cabs refused to pick him, which sparked the Taxi and Limousine Commission to investigate. And in between, 1999 and 2002, 500 cabbies were suspended or had their licenses revoked. The other day, a judge ruled that it was unconstitutional for the TLC to suspend cabbies before they could get a hearing, so the city open up its wallet to avoid the trial for revocation policy. Why avoid a trial? Well, Rudy Giuliani would have been one of the defendants - and he's too busy asking rhetorical questions about whether he'd be able to raise money for a presidential campaign. Suspended cabbies will each get $121.50 for each day they were suspended (according to the cabbies' lawyers, suspension averaged 61 days or $7,411.50), and the cabbies with revoked licenses will get $26,000 plus the chance to re-apply for a license. That's nice, but it sounds like some of these hacks might have been out of work for four years. And the TLC still conducts "Operation Refusal" stings on cabbies - they just aren't punished before going to taxi court. (Yes, there really is a taxi court.)

Has a taxi ever not stopped for you? Is it racial or is more of the "no, I don't go to Brooklyn" variety? And Why does this make us think of the Eddy Murphy skit on SNL where he went undercover in whiteface?