Sales tax hits right hereAh, the halcyon days of being able to justify clothing purches under $110 are now over ("Do I need this crappy shirt? is tax-free..."): Accompanying a citywide tax hike from 8.25% to 8.625%, clothing under $110 will be taxed 4% and then the tax may go up to the 8.625%. In this instance, the blame for a tax hike doesn't fall on Mayor Bloomberg: The City Council passed the measure 47-3. NY1 reported the deal also includes:
- No increases in recycling fines;
- Having the city's aids and HIV assistance program remain intact;
- Protecting social services from $75 million in cuts due to the consolidation of several social service agencies, including the Department of Employment, Human Resources Administration and Children's Services.

Gothamist understands the need to increase the sales tax to support the city and its social programs. But confusion about when the tax hike goes into effect (Sunday? sometime next week? when?), well, Gothamist would like to blame Bloomby for that 'cause it just seems right. So it's all the more reason to hike to the Garden State for a little sales-tax-free shopping at the Garden State Plaza or The Mall at Short Hills.