If it's not the dog poop cluttering the city, it's the signs. The Department of Transportation is attempting to ease the amount of eye-pollution plaguing otherwise calm, scenic New York by pulling down worn-out signage urging people to pick up after their pets. Or, as the case may be, urging people to sneak-attack their pets using a plunger and...a shiv? Why is the pet wearing a gas mask?

The agency has already removed around 1,300 signs, the Daily News reports. “These were the signs that time forgot,” Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told the tabloid. “Clearing out these faded blasts from the past cuts the clutter and makes way for the essential traffic information New Yorkers need.”

The city seemingly does not intend to replace the signs, asserting that New Yorkers should know better by now. (Oh?) Then again, who needs signs when we have Joel "I Smeared Dog Poop On A Child" Krupnik?