Over a thousand pounds of confetti has been delivered to downtown buildings for tomorrow's ticker tape parade to celebrate the Yankees' 27th World Series win tomorrow. The shredded, recycled paper is being donated by Atlas Materials in Red Hook; Atlas' John Cioffi told NY1, "It will all be cleaned up by the sanitation department and recycled yet again. So this is going to be a green parade."

The parade begins at 11 a.m., starting at Broadway at Battery Place and then heading up north on Broadway—the Canyon of Heroes—to Chambers Street. There is additional transit services from various mass transit systems. Notably, NYC Transit—which recommends riders buy their Metrocards in advance— says:

Although the Lexington Avenue line serves the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Fulton Street-Broadway/Nassau, Wall Street, and Bowling Green stations, Yankees' fans should be aware that the 4 5 6 lines are usually crowded during normal weekday rush hour along the corridor.

Instead, fans are encouraged to use the 1 line or the R or W lines to Rector Street, or the E to World Trade Center. Fans should also consider taking the 2 or 3 lines to Chambers Street or Wall Street, and the J to the Broad Street station.

Crowding conditions at the City Hall R and W station, Park Place 2 and 3 station and nearby 4 5 6 Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station may force trains to bypass those stations during the parade and ceremony at City Hall. All lines affected will be monitored by supervision to ensure smooth operation.


, Long Island Rail Road, NJ Transit, and PATH are offering more trains in the morning and afternoon for fans—WCBS 2 has a good breakdown of extra service.

Suffice to say, lower Manhattan and the transit system will be flooded with Yankee fans. Above are some more photographs of the revelry outside the stadium (see the other photographs we ran this morning) after the win, and our own Peter Trinkle was at Game 6 and tells us:

"I would say the crowd was pretty nuts and really into it, I spent most of the game on my feet because everyone kept standing up and cheering (or booing when Pedro was involved).

I don't really know what they showed on TV, but Joba and Swisher led the team in a parade around the field waiving a championship flag which Joba (I think) also pretended to plant in home plate. The on field ceremony was ridiculous because they actually stopped it in the middle (I guess they went to commercial on TV) but all the fans were standing around. They kept flashing "This One's for you Boss" on the centerfield scoreboard. Joe Buck was booed every time they mentioned his name. I heard "New York New York" about 10 million times.

The scene outside the Stadium was nuts. We left around 12:45 and the streets were packed with people just celebrating. Lots of high-fives and hugs from strangers, nobody wanted to go home. "

Yanks for the memories!