Last month Governor Paterson signed legislation that required illegally converted loft buildings (think 475 Kent) to get up to code. According to the Brooklyn Paper, it was "designed to protect tenants in illegally occupied manufacturing buildings from landlord harassment and rental hikes, but would not prevent evictions if the building itself has significant safety violations"—it's known as the Loft Law.

It's being reported that the city is getting their hands dirty this week, and raided two lofts today. 3rd Ward (at 573 Metropolitan Avenue) and a building at 151 Kent Avenue were both visited by city inspectors allegedly responding to complaints over illegal conversions. A third building was raided in Clinton Hill, with complaints that an illegal club was operating inside.

According to a 3rd Ward employee, inspectors were checking out the building's fire escape, which needs repairing. If the repair work isn't done, people who use the space will be tossed out. Earlier this month they were featured in a NY Times piece—just like the BKLYN Yard was before it got shut down. Coincidence?