When Gothamist first heard that a $400 property rebate would be mailed to city homeowners, we wondered, "Will Mayor Bloomberg pose with a big check, a la Publishers Clearinghouse? Or is the man too classy for it?" Well, clearly, photo opportunity for re-election takes a backseat to classy. Then again, Gothamist can argue that no one cares about classy when you're getting $400 back. The rebate, which was proposed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council, will cost the city $250 million, which in the scheme of things, doesn't seem like that much, though some other groups think the money should be used elsewhere, given the city's budget deficit.

The Mayor's name is very noticeable on the check, apart from the City Comptroller's and Finance Commissioner's signatures on the check. The Post reports Mayor Bloomberg explaining this, " "Because I'm the mayor of the City of New York and more people wanted me to be mayor than wanted the other guy." The check actually reads, "This rebate honors the sacrifices you made in order to help New York City's recovery during difficult times." And the Mayor also signed up for a check himself: "I paid my taxes, and I'm going to get my $400 back"; the Times notes he hasn't decided how to spend it yet. Heh.

If you haven't signed up for your check, call 311. The rebate applies to homeowners of houses, condos, and co-ops.