When the Spanish company Cemusa landed the $1 billion, 20-year deal to sell ads on NYC street furniture (newsstands, bus shelters, public toilets) the company apparently agreed to also maintain the areas around the furniture. Which means if you want to blame someone for the fact that nobody ever shoveled your bus stop (let alone the mountain of snow in front of it), blame Cemusa.

When confronted about the fact that many stops clearly have not been dealt with, a Cemusa spokesperson denied, denied, denied. "We have had snow removal crews working day and night to make sure that our bus shelters are clear, safe and accessible for commuters," they told the Daily News. Worth noting, in the last big snow storm, the Department of Sanitation actually hired workers to shovel bus stops.

So what should you do if you see a shelter that is a mess? Call 311 early and often. If Cemusa wants to sell very lucrative ads around town the least they can do is hire some people to do a little shoveling!

Who Is In Charge Of Shoveling Bus Shelters? Cemusa!