112108Email%20Icon.jpgA former library assistant who was arrested in a case of mistaken email identity will receive a little over $25,000 in a settlement with the city.

In April 2007, 24-year-old William Hallowell was accused of sending salacious and threatening emails to Robin Bernsen, his former boss in the library at the Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. Bernsen had sent an email to address that was similar to Hallowell's email address, and the response she received included such gems as, "I want your sweet body against my skin! We could do it in the library. I could spank you with a vintage [copy] of Finigan's [sic] Wake."

There was also mention of a gun, so cops hauled in Hallowell and kept him in custody for 30 hours. His lawyer later excoriated the police for having "absolutely no competence when it comes to understanding email or the Internet." Hallowell says he's just glad the case is finally resolved because now "people will know obviously that I didn’t do this." But who did?