The city has agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a Brooklyn man who suffered a fractured cheekbone during an altercation with a police officer in a subway station on Inauguration Day 2009. Construction worker and father of three Kalween Rodriguez spent days in the hospital from injuries to his wrist and head, and of course the NYPD and Rodriguez have different explanations for why he landed there.

Rodriguez says a station agent gave him permission to go through the emergency gate at the Sutter Ave L train stop because the MetroCard machine wouldn't take his ATM card. And when Officer Massood Syed tried to stop him, he slammed Rodriguez's head into a railing, according to his lawyer. But the NYPD says Rodriguez was aggressively panhandling and harassing other passengers, and was arrested when he went through the gate. "While being placed under arrest, Rodriguez attacked the officer," NYPD spokesman Paul Browne Browne said in a statement. "After a four- or five-minute altercation the officer was able to handcuff him. Both were later taken to the hospital."

"It is a real indignity that people cannot move freely around in public establishments without being subjected to this kind of behavior by those who are supposed to uphold the law," Rodriguez's lawyer tells Fox 5. Officer Syed was placed on disability because of a sprained wrist, and according to court papers obtained by the Daily News, Syed says Rodriguez was screaming obscenities and calling on witnesses to join in assaulting Syed while yelling: "He's not a cop; everyone f--- him up." In the end, all charges against Rodriguez were dropped as part of the settlement, and Syed was neither suspended nor disciplined. "What did I do?" asks Rodriguez now. "I want to know what audacity does someone have to do something so wrong to somebody?"