An undercover cop who falsely identified an innocent cab driver as an ecstasy dealer has cost taxpayers $1.5 million. Yesterday lawyers for the city agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by 34-year-old hack Jesus Diaz Delossantos, who was arrested and jailed for 9 months in 2002 on charges of selling 100 Ecstasy tablets to an undercover police officer. According to Newsday, Delossantos' lawyer proved the officer wasn't even working the day he claimed Delossantos sold him 100 ecstasy tablets, and that Delossantos did not even fit the description of the man who sold the drugs. His lawyer tells the Daily News, "These cops were bad guys. They were untruthful." Crazy, right? Delossantos, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, says, "This is the end of a very ugly part of my life."