Yesterday, the city's program to give NYC school students swine flu vaccines began at 125 elementary schools. A 9-year-old at PS 157 in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn who received an injection told the Daily News, "My mom told me that the flu would hurt more than the shot...It felt a little bit sharp, and it kind of hurted." Aww.

The vaccine was also available in the nasal spray form; Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said, "This is a safe vaccine. It's free, and we really encourage people to get it," but some parents are still wary. The News says about 30% of the parents at PS 157 signed the consent form and the city officials said it seemed like 5-50% of parents had signed the form. One PS 157 parent told the NY Times, "The swine flu vaccine has not been out long enough for me to trust it. They have never gotten a flu shot, and they’ve never gotten the flu."

A principal of another Brooklyn school said, "Parents have a lot of questions, and it’s such a personal matter. I don’t see it as my role to encourage or discourage people — I certainly am not in the business of giving medical advice." (Some parents are also having their kids go to the doctor for shots.) Wired's cover story is about vaccines and has a timeline of "vaccine panic."