Fun in the snow at Fort Tyron Park; Photo: NY Times

Yesterday's snow, while problematic for flights and turning sidewalks into slush canyons, was greeted with a fair amount of city savoir-faire: "I think we wimped out," artist Carol Peligian told the NY Times. With city school kids getting the third snow day in city history since 1982, parks and schools held snow day activities, though many parents had to take off to watch the kids. Not that all were complaining: A parent told the Post, "Today is a day where it's legitimate to be a kid again, and not be looked at like you are weird." And some kids took advantage of the snow day in a way many others across the nation have: Getting paid to shovel driveways and walks. But ten inches of snow was a lot, even though it wasn't 10 inches of sleet plus ice mixed with snow. However, given how much snow and cold New York has been pummeled with since last fall, we echo the words of a friend and say, "I wish the weather would just fucking chill out...I mean, fucking warm up."