2006_08_diploma.gifWith the release of more census data yesterday, a few other trends for NYC emerged:
- NYC has the second highest median age - 35.8 years old, after SF's 39.4 years - and the third highest number of people over age 65 years, with 11.9% of the population clocking in over 65 (SF was first, followed by Philly)
- New Yorkers wait a long time before getting married
- And we have the third highest number of college graduates (SF was the most educated, followed by San Jose)

The topic of the high number of college graduates in the city is examined by the NY Times, because this might mean crime and social service demands go down, some suggest that income disparity will grow and that people without college degrees will get priced out of the city. All the more reason for the city and developers to focus on affordable housing and education - the next mayoral election will hopefully encourage more ideas about these topics. The Times has a graphic showing a breakdown of college grads by borough, and also discusses the trend of college grads going to the Big Apple for work. One woman explained her move after graduating from UVA as, “Part of it was just to be in the big city. I think people tend to come here for a few years and then move somewhere else.” And Gothamist wishes those people luck - the city has its vise-like grip on us.