Looks like all that bribery actually worked! Despite having a much lower participation average than the country, New York City's census response rate went up to 59%, two percentage points higher than in 2000. That's especially encouraging since the national average dropped a percentage point since 2000. Regional census director Lester Farthing said, “Imagine what would have happened if we did not do all this promotional and advertising stuff."

The highest participating neighborhoods were Todt Hill on Staten Island and Douglaston, Queens, which sent back 84% and 81% of their forms respectively. But nobody ever paid Williamsburgers that $5 to fill out their forms, and their return rates stayed under 40%. The absolute lowest participation rate actually came from Midtown, where an area including buildings like Trump Tower and Park Avenue Place had a meager 21% rate. What are you trying to hide? They'll have nowhere to turn on May 1st though, when census takers start going door to door.