2006_07_nymagmommy.jpgOkay, maybe the mothers on UrbanBaby.com aren't totally wild, but after reading Emily Nussbaum's New York magazine feature about the website that caters to mostly city moms, we're torn between wanting to read the various message boards because for the soap opera of class baiting, judgment, and envy and not wanting to read it for fear of being totally sucked in. For example:

When bonus time comes around for the wives of IBers (investment bankers) and “BigLaw” lawyers, the boards go mad with Schadenfreude and envy and rage. In one such discussion, a woman explained that she couldn’t stay home even if she wanted to because she needed her salary: She made $150,000 a year. “Not significant,” responded the other poster. Other people began to chime in: “150,000 per year is not significant income? What planet do you live on?” And “I would quit in a heartbeat if I made $150K. It isn’t significant to me.”

And screw craigslist and Post Secret, there's this whole other shorthand (SAHM is Stay At Home Mom), trying to narc out bad nannies AND lesbian affairs that spring from playground visits. Who knew strapping on a Baby Bjorn could be so sordid? We suppose in a city where you compete with your jobs, clothes, and arm candy, it's natural for people replace those things with their babies and new maternal ennui.

For levity, we're glad the article mentioned parody postings if UrbanBaby were around in 1970: “My dumb kid ate all my dope!” and “My 3 yo twins ride their Big Wheels and Hippity Hops across the street to the park alone, should I make them come home before dark?” Okay, fine, we'll be lurking on UrbanBaby to see what the under-Mommy's belly says.