Yesterday morning, city marshals were at 344 East 62nd Street to deliver eviction papers. Instead, they found a dead body and a bloodstained dog. The Daily News reports, "Cops collared dead man's roommate hours after he told authorities he was 'having a bad day,' a cop source said." Shaun Dyer, 40, was charged with second-degree murder; NY1 says that while the dog was in the apartment and covered in blood, "Police say... the animal didn't appear to have anything to do with the man's death."

Witnesses say they heard Dyer and the victim, David Shahda, 47, arguing. According to the Post, it's unclear if the argument was "triggered by their imminent eviction for not paying rent," but they owed six or seven months. The Post adds that Dyer "has a record of some 20 arrests for crimes that include assault and possession of stolen property." One witness told the News, "One was yelling, 'Give me my keys!' The other guy was like, 'Stop it - it hurts.'"

The dog, reportedly a pitbull, may have mauled the victim's body after he was killed. Neighbors had mixed experiences with the dog—some said he was nice and simply protective of the owner while others claim the dog was menacing and bit them.