Hey, the city's idea of "Alternative Transportation" is your feet! Or at least that's what their new, just-in-time-for-the possible-strike website, Altnerative Transportation Information Center, is telling us with their little header. Anyway, there are a bunch of links to maps, driving rules, the kinds of transportation that will not be affected (your bike is one of them!), and how shared taxi fares will be split. And folks, point out the "Options for Employers" to your bosses or office managers - option number 1 is "Allow workers to telecommute instead of traveling to the office" (employers do not include the Department of Education, which is still making teachers report to work, with only one hour extra to get there!).

Gothamist wonders if any companies will invoke force majeure, especially given that we hear some employers are asking their employees if they can use vacation days (!!) for a possible strike day. And we're also trying to love the transit strike fear.