Days after he promised to save New Yorkers from an Uber "flood," Mayor De Blasio has stopped feuding with Uber "for now." The mayor has postponed a City Council vote—originally scheduled for tomorrow—on whether or not Uber (and all other for-hire vehicle companies, for that matter) should submit to a temporary growth cap.

Instead, Uber has agreed to participate in a four month study to determine how its New York City fleet impacts traffic and the environment.

“Today the administration, City Council and Uber have agreed to a framework that will advance the city's vital policy goals for passengers, drivers and the public," said Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris, in a statement. "Uber has also agreed to maintain its approximate current rate of growth and not flood the streets with new licenses and vehicles." And, "The cap legislation currently before the City Council will be tabled throughout the traffic study process."

In addition to the traffic study, Shorris said that the city will conduct a review of the "entire taxi, FHV and livery industries," with an emphasis on handicap accessibility, driver wages and "consumer protections" (read: surge pricing).

Last month, Brooklyn Councilmember Stephen Levin introduced legislation calling for a 14-month growth cap to accompany a study on the FHV industry. The cap would have allowed Uber to increase its fleet by 1%, or about 200 cars, over that set period. The cap is reportedly still a possibility somewhere "down the line."

Uber's New York City GM Josh Mohrer stated, "We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with Mayor de Blasio’s administration and the City Council to collaborate on a joint transportation study."

Earlier today, Transportation Committee Chair Ydanis Rodriguez told reporters that the Council had the necessary number of votes to pass the cap. Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo spoke out against it, calling Uber "one of these great inventions... of this new economy." He was joined in the fight by several earnest famous people.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that de Blasio was decrying Uber at the Vatican and drawing comparisons to Wal-Mart?