Even though the recession has been over for some time, it's still tough to find a job in the city. Many qualified graduates with diverse degrees have had to settle for jobs in service or retail to make ends meet while sending out countless resumes to accounting firms or publishing houses. Not that jobs in the service industry aren't great, they just aren't for everyone. So you can imagine how excited we got when a Daily News headline read, "Companies are looking to start staffing up again." Callooh! Callay! Jobs for everyone! And then we read further: "Many of the businesses currently looking for staff are retailers, restaurants and hotels, all of whom are gearing up for the influx of tourists for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays."

The News notes that Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Five Guys and PetSmart are all hiring, as well as a number of new hotels. But for anyone who wants out of an hourly, tip-based wage, the New York State Department of Labor just made an instructional video on how to use their Job Bank. The unemployed can also get advice at one-stop centers they've set up around the state. And NYC Small Business Services has set up Workforce1 Career Centers around the city to provide advice and job fairs. "I think if people are entry- to mid-level workers, they need to come to one of our career centers," said Jackie Mallon of NYC Business Services. Who knows, maybe you could be lucky enough to work the register at Macy's on Black Friday!