The city is cracking down big time on illegal cab drivers trying to solicit business from oblivious tourists flying in to LaGuardia.

According to the Post, a new “enforcement squad” will patrol the area for unlicensed cabbies trying to take advantage of newbies unaware of the city's pricing structure. (For reference, see the fake "shuttle bus driver" who charged passengers $435 for a trip to the Upper West Side from JFK.)

“Our work at the airports is a very important part of what we do, protecting the public from vehicles that are under insured and not inspected to our high standards, and drivers that haven’t been drug- or background-tested,” Meera Joshi, head of the Taxi & Limousine Commission, told the tabloid. A similar program at JFK has resulted in 8,140 summonses for illegal taxis, as well as the seizure of 3,107 illegal vehicles. The formation of a second squad yielded 761 summonses and took down 314 more vehicles. (The aforementioned shuttle driver apparently slipped through the cracks.)

The squad will be pricey—$1.2 million in its first year of operation and another million each year thereafter, in order to finance the inspector's salaries and equipment. But if the success of JFK's program is any indication, taxpayers should expect to get at least $1 million from fines and tow fees back.