Oh, the winter weather is on: Notify NYC sent the message, "The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for NYC, effective at 12 PM Saturday until 11 AM Sunday," and NY1 says, "About six to nine inches of snow are expected to fall in the city between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, with the worst downfall taking place 4 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.m. Sunday."

As you might imagine, the Department of Sanitation says it's ready for the snow, as does the Port Authority, which takes care of roadways and airports. And the MTA says its Bridges and Tunnels division is "is primed and ready to hit the roadways with snow and ice-fighting supplies that include 8,000 tons of deicer and a fleet of 97 trucks."

As for the MTA's mass transit, the agency says it's going to cancel its planned weekend service outages, "Our goal is to keep as many trains in service as possible and to keep you informed." Check out their list of what they think you should expect.