2007_06_fish.jpgVarious officials followed up with some more thoughts about Frank Gehry designing his very first playground for Battery Park. Mayor Bloomberg said, “Everything Frank Gehry touches is unique, and I’m sure it will be a great park." Check out this quote, via the Post:

"I once gave money to redo a children's playground in Central Park. I can't go in it because you have to have a child. But when I look in it, people seem to be having a great time and it's doing well."

Ha! It's true - there will be way too many adults who will want to play. We bet tons of parents will be able to convince their design-loving friends to baby-sit.

One out-of-town 10-year-old told the NY Times how Battery Park could improve itself: "If this park had a little more grass, it’d look nicer and attract more people, maybe.” Kid, we're totally with you - it feels like the park's renovations has taken decades, if only years.

And the Mayor said he'd love it if more architects offered to design city parks. Who would you want to see a park from? Jean Nouvel? Santiago Calatrava? Zaha Hadid?

Frank Gehry fish sculpture for the 1992 Vila Olympica park in Barcelona