Thanks to our coup-coup State Senate, the city has frozen all hiring. The State Senate hasn't been able to act on legislation that allows the city to maintain a balanced budget; Mayor Bloomberg said, "The gridlock in the State Senate imperils the City’s budget," and the hiring freeze "includes a class of 250 Police Recruits, who were set to enter the academy this week, along with Firefighters, School Safety Agents, 911 and 311 call takers, and EMTs. Further, we will be reviewing all City contracts to ensure we do not enter into non-essential contracts. We have a legal mandate to produce a balanced budget - something we’ve done for seven consecutive years - so we have to act responsibly." Also under pressure from the Senate's inaction: Yonkers, which is the 4th largest city in the state and which needs the Senate to pass bills so the State Comptroller can approve its budget.