The city has announced its final Olympic venue plan for the NYC 2012 Olympics bid. There are three main clusters where the games would be held: "Olympic Square at Hudson Yards on the Far West Side of Manhattan" for track & field, the opening and closing ceremonies, plus other actitivities like fencing and judo at the Javits Center; "Olympic Park at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park," where archery, rowing, slalom (!!!), tennis and water polo would be; and "Olympic River, straddling the Harlem River in The Bronx and Manhattan," where baseball, boxing, track cycling and badminton will be. The Mayor mentioned that the bid is contingent on the existence of a Jets Stadium/Hudson Yards complex, which is a little tricky since there's a bit of opposition to it, not to mention the city's independent Budget Office saying the financing for Hudson Yards is "risky." (If this were a movie, Mayor Bloomberg would yell, "I didn't create a billion dollar company without risk!") At any rate, the facilities built would be impressive and great for the city's residents in years to come but getting there seems like a long, hard road.

Gothamist Sports analyzed the IOC's announcement of the 2012 Olympics finalists and on the fight against the city's bid