2006_08_myspace.jpgAh, one of the emerging marvels of MySpace is getting fired over what you've posted on it. But this firing makes sense: An investigator on the Civilian Complaint Review Board - the organization that looks at people's complaints against the police - was let go after he posted about a "truck driver n----r." Twenty-two year old Chris Macchia had gotten into a fight with a truck driver, and naturally, he shared it on MySpace. Then messageboard NYPD Rant got hold of Macchia's MySpace page - which of course bragged about being a city investigator - and angry police officers contacted the CCRB. A police union official told the Daily News, "The irony of this is CCRB is trying to hold NYPD to a higher standard and here is a serious lack of judgment by one of their own. To their credit, CCRB acted swiftly after receiving the complaints. However, a review of this investigator's cases is in order because of the obvious credibility issue."

Here's the NYPD Rant thread on Macchia. And the posters at NYPD Rant aren't angels either, but they do call the Mayor, "Bloomdouche."