An investigator for the city's Business Integrity Commission was charged with DUI early this morning after his Camry collided with a minivan in a high-speed crash under the FDR. Witnesses tell the Post that 29-year-old Jesse Strauss was going at least 100 mph down South Street around 4:45 a.m. when he hit a minivan as it was turning onto Clinton Street. "I heard two blowing horns and tires screeching simultaneously, then I heard a huge smash," another witness tells the Daily News. Sanitation workers helped Strauss flee from the wreckage despite a broken leg, and the driver of the minivan was in stable condition at Bellevue.

The Business Integrity Commission is a city agency charged with eradicating mafia ties and other illegal activity within the city's carting, fish, and produce industries. One witness who saw Strauss driving moments before the crash said, "He flew past us. He was swerving in and out of traffic…I could hear the tires screeching." Strauss, who has worked for the BIC for four years, has been suspending pending an investigation.