A 22-year-old Bloomberg administration employee is brain dead after yesterday morning's hit-and-run on Flatbush Avenue and Prospect Place in Brooklyn, while her 23-year-old friend was left with a broken collarbone. The police are looking for the driver of a green 1993 Acura Legend that was abandoned blocks away from the scene.

According to the Daily News, Erinn Phelan, a coordinator in the mayor's city volunteerism effort, had shoved Alma Guererro out of the car's path. Guererro's father said, "[Alma] was going to be hit, but her friend pushed her out of the way. Her friend took the worst of it. Her friend pushed her in order to save her." A taxi driver who witnessed the incident and called the police with the car's license number said, "I heard a big boom. Then she took off. She started driving faster and [passed] me. It was a young woman driving. I followed the car."

The Post reports, "A source [said] that the women were in the middle of the crosswalk on Flatbush Avenue when they were hit, but it was not clear whether they had the light." Additionally, the Acura is registered to 31- (or 32-) year-old Bronx resident Cindy Jasmin, whose mother told the Post, "I don't know about any accident. She does not live here. She does not own a green Acura."

Phelan's family is reportedly deciding whether to keep her on life support. Mayor Bloomberg said, "When I spoke to Erinn's parents earlier today, I told them that as a father I can't begin to imagine what they are going through, but all of our prayers are with their dedicated and idealistic young daughter who's helping New York City answer President Obama's historic call to service."