A spokesman for the city's Office of Emergency Management was suspended without pay after an incident in Soho on Wednesday night. The Post reports that Seth Andrews crashed his city-owned car and then threatened a female police officer who was arresting him, "I’m going to choke you, just watch out. You’re done. I can’t wait to get you on Staten Island. You just watch your gun."

According to the Post, "Andrews had been drowning his sorrows earlier that night at his White Street apartment in lower Manhattan after learning he hadn’t landed a new job, law-enforcement sources said." He drove to a bar to pick up his girlfriend, and crashed the Crown Victoria into a cab at King and Sixth Avenue. He allegedly yelled at cops, "I’m on the job. Get the f--k away from me." Andrews refused to leave his car to the point where "His supervisor had to be called to persuade him to leave the car."

Andrews blew a 0.196 on the field sobriety test, more than twice the legal limit and then:

During the trip to the Seventh Precinct station house, Andrews allegedly growled to the cops that he would “get you after I get out” and “end you.”

At the station house, Andrews refused to take a Breathalyzer and allegedly claimed he had been “beaten up” by the arresting cops.

But he quickly recanted while being interviewed by a police captain and instead “praised the officers for their professionalism,” the sources said.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau was notified of Andrews’ liquor-laced accusations about cops beating him, but discounted them because of the flack’s “high level of intoxication,” the sources said.

Andrews was charged with DWI and refusing to take a Breathalyzer.