A 49-year-old Manhattan mom, Dianne Rochenski, can't get enough of the city's unwanted mascot: the rat! According to the Daily News, she keeps rat figurines, and giant stuffed rats in her apartment—in addition to her two pet rats, of course. Pet rats aren't that crazy of an idea... but hers, Remalina and Christiana, sleep in her bed.

Rochenski defended her choice in pet to the paper, saying, "They just make me so happy, like no other animal can. People ask me, 'Why not a dog or a cat?' I just love rats." According to an "expert" the paper talked to, she's not the only one. There are probably hundreds of rat owners in the city, and the Executive Director of the Humane Society of New York supports their choice, saying rats are "really smart, loving, and they make great pets."

Do the rodents get as much coddling as some of the city's pampered pups? One Harlem rat owner says she lets her rats roam free in the apartment, and she feeds them kale, grapes, tofu and cereals. Hey, maybe if we dress up all of the city's rats in little sweaters we won't mind them so much!