Ha! The NY Times reports that the Bloomberg administration is "fighting to keep secret the vast array of records, testimony, and videotapes" taken during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Why?

The city contends the materials could be embarrassing to people who were arrested, disclose police intelligence, or reveal environmental conditions that may hurt commercial development on the West Side waterfront or be useful to terrorists.

In addition, the city lawyers said that medical reports from police officers who complained of getting sick after working at a temporary holding pen were “unreliable” and “likely to contain misinformation.”

In other words, civil liberties and even police officers' medical reports are no match for West Side development (even with a toxic pier) or terrorist threats. Yes, the city wants to save people's jobs by sparing the release of videotapes - but we'd think that most people participating in public protests and rallies during that week realized what they were getting into. And weren't RNC videos making stronger cases for everyone - both prosecutors and protesters?

The city's lawyer, James Mirro, asked that three reports about the conditions of Pier 57, which many people arrested during the Critical Mass ride got to know well, not be released, because of "serious commercial harm" if the public knew what was there. Jesus, doesn't it already sound like there's something crazy there? And doesn't trying to hide it already cause commercial harm?

Gothamist on the 2004 Republican National Convention. Doesn't it make you want the Democrats to have their 2008 convention here?