Amid the terror alerts and warnings, yesterday was pretty much like any other summer day in the city, except with a bit more noticeable police presence, less truck passings into Manhattan, and a politician or three in the building. The NY Times looked at activities in the five targeted buildings yesterday. The First Lady and the First Twins visited the Citigroup building on East 53rd Street; the Mayor and Governor Pataki also visited the Citigroup building as well as the NY Stock Exchange. The Daily News reports that the Mayor took the subway and later held a barbecue for city employees, all in an effort to remind NYers to remain calm. Hmm, Gothamist wonders if "Barbecue at the Boss's place" is "We have a terror report" in City parlance, but we're more curious about what kind of 'cue was served. All this a NY Times story says that the reports the recent terror warnings were based on may have been years old! The Mayor and White House said that the terror warnings are frequently updated, this information still stands, there were recent reports, it's good to be warned, etc. Gothamist is happy to be warned, but we're definitely interested to understand more about this information - we worry about boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome.

The Post looked at what happens to restaurants and grocery stores when their delivery trucks are rerouted - the police were really checking trucks and cars. And our readers note the security measures at the Citigroup and other buildings; Gothamist noticed people tense up momentarily when a police cars, sirens blazing, sped by but then we all just crossed the street and moved on.